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Delivery Information

How long is the production period of the product I ordered?

the production time will depend on the product and quantity you require.

When will cargo be given?

Your orders are delivered in cargo within 5 - 15 business days.

How long does it reach?

Your orders will be delivered to you fastest and safely. The cargo company delivers your order within maximum 3 business days.

You can reach the information about the status of your cargo from the cargo web site from where cargo tracking number is delivered by you.

Which cargo company will deliver the order?

Our deliveries are carried out with the nearest cargo branch.

What should I look for when I submit my order?

You can receive your order by submitting your photo ID and signature. Please open the product packaging and make sure that the contents are complete and undamaged when you deliver your product.

Will I pay any price at the time of delivery?

The freight cost belongs to the buyer.

What if nobody is found?

The shipping officer will leave a news form containing the phone number of the shipping company. You will have to call the cargo company and receive information within 3 working days after the news form is released.

Can I change the person who will take delivery after I place an order?

You can also send the information of the person who will be delivered to if you want to change the person who will take delivery.

What should I do when there is delay in delivery?

Click on the orders and check your order status. If your order has been delivered within 5 business days, you can get information by calling the relevant KARGO company headquarters.

Can I order from abroad?

In case of ordering abroad, the shipping costs belong to the buyer.

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